Who we work with?

  • Brands/Agencies

    we rationalize their ad spending within the sports industry and prove to brands and traditional agencies that, whenever they are looking for ways to connect themselves with consumers, sports and its ties with entertainment are “must have” platforms on their strategies.

  • Solutions applicable to sports

    We work with startups and non-endemic companies in building high impact projects focused on structural shifts within the sports industry.

  • Sports Organizations

    Our work is focused on revenue acceleration, management skills and communications strategies before Teams, Confederations and Athletes.

  • New businesses

    We work side by side with entrepreneurs who have new ideas focused on bringing innovation into the industry by developing business plans and coordinating the project execution, from inception to implementation.

Our work

Business plans

With our proprietary methods, we support Teams, Leagues, Confederations, Athletes and Entrepreneurs in building new business models, expanding its existing ventures, and developing new opportunities.

Commercial Strategy

Por nearly 80% of sports organizations, their revenues come from sponsorships and media rights. Because of that, OutField supports them in building a stronger offer, integrating online/offline elements, with a digital-first approach and participating in the implementation to ensure deliverables and returns on the investment.

Go-To Market

We work with companies that are interested in scaling their solutions through sports (i.e.: BI platforms, digital media players, eCommerce and licensing and performance-driven devices) and that can directly contribute with the industry’s growth.

Fund raising (OutField Capital

We invest (smart-money and cash allocation) on startups and solutions with a high potential to have a structural impact in the industry. Through OutField Capital and our proprietary methodology, we analyze and select companies that can collaborate in our mission to change and grow sports in Latin America.

Strategic planning for brands

Today the sports industry offers more than 1,000 investment opportunities, which are somehow connected to the consumer journey, offering a highly creative environment for these companies. We believe it is a matter of understanding how your brand should be connected to this universe, respecting its objectives and leveraging the best aspects of sports to generate actual value to consumers.

Our core verticals

Fan Engagement

We pay special attention to the fan: by working with companies and solutions that establish a conversation with sports consumers, we aim to enhance their overall experience before, during and after sporting content/events. Through our projects and investments, OutField’s main driver is to improve the B2C side of the industry, delivering unique experiences to millions of fans.

Brand Strategy & Media

We want to consolidate our vision that every brand has a special place within the sports industry and its correlated areas. By doing so, our core objective is to reinforce our mantra: it’s not a matter of IF sports make sense to your brand, but HOW they can become a key part of your strategy.


The scalable future: high engagement levels, new media formats, incredible offering of games and IPs and innovative technologies being quickly implemented – all of this creates the perfect scenario for brands and investors before the gaming and eSports industries. We are experienced in managing eSports teams, developing new business models in this space and finding the right resources to accelerate startups.

Content and Education

Through our content initiatives, we want to share plenty of knowledge about the lessons we learned and our vision on all the topics connected to the sports industry, including its intersections with media, gaming, digital and entertainment.

Lucas de Paula Founding Partner

Before co-founding OutField in 2016, he worked for 5-years at multinational corporations and another 5-years as a consultant at Lunica Consultoria, where he managed clients from sectors like telco, education, oil & gas and aviation. Lucas graduated in Marketing at ESPM and post-graduated in Business Strategy at FIA, also having a Masters in Innovation from University of Berkeley, California, where he also worked for a year at startup companies in Silicon Valley.

Pedro Oliveira Founding Partner

Before co-founding OutField in 2016, he worked worked for 6-years in strategic and commercial planning roles at multinational corporations. Also worked for two years as an independent consultant for Brazilian companies and worked for a year as an in-house consultant at Glideslope and Excel Sports Management in New York, where today he also teaches a course about the Business of eSports at New York University. Pedro graduated in Marketing at ESPM, in Law at Mackenzie University and has a dual Masters degree in Sports Management and Sports Law from Columbia University.

João Pedro Buarque de Gusmão Head de Brand Strategy & Media

Leading our Brand Strategy vertical, JP is a very experienced professional with 9-years inside traditional advertising agencies, working in creative areas, media, service, planning and events, handling major brands such as PepsiCo, Chevrolet, Pfizer, HBO, Esporte Interativo and Ambev. A digital native, he found a new passion and entertainment source in eSports and he deeply believes in the potential this market brings for brands and agencies in changing the way advertising is done in Brazil. JP graduated in Marketing at ESPM and has a post-graduate degree from FGV.

Carolina Chrispim Consultant

Responsible for the company's communication plan and educational efforts, Carol has graduated in Engineering from Faculdades Oswaldo Cruz and Marketing at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi. In the meantime, she is also our sports encyclopedia. She has experience with consumer goods and entertainment roles, working in research, consumer insights and partnerships. She studied sports management at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Berlin and is a mastermind in women's football, having covered the 2019 Women's World Cup in France.

Lucca Walker Bradfield Head de Sports Management

Leading our Consulting division, Lucca graduated in Law at PUC/SP and has worked with capital markets and M&A deals in renowned law firms, such as Cescon Barrieu, VBSO and Halembeck Barros, until transitioning roles to work in Business Development and Institutional Relations in one of the largest fintechs in Brazil, Stone Co. He has always believed in the potential of sports as a business and brings all his previous experiences to OutField, aiming to change the landscape of sports business in our region.

Marco Sirangelo Head of Content and Knowledge

Responsible for content development, he holds a Master's degree in Sports Management from Loughborough University in England and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from FGV-SP. Having all of his career dedicated to sports, he worked as a Marketing Analyst at Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras between 2009 and 2010 and as a Project Manager at ISG, from 2011 to 2016, working directly with some of the most relevant sports NGOs in Brazil, such as the Instituto Esporte & Educação, Gol de Letra Foundation and Instituto Tênis.

Problema / Briefing

Atuação Outfield


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Clientes (classificados por modelo de negócio e pilares de atuação)

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Manifesto / Posicionamento

Acreditamos no gol imprevisível, na magia, no gol espírita, no erro do árbitro, no imponderável e no clutch 1 X 5. Acreditamos no amor, na raça, no folclore, no radinho de pilha, nos estádios com nome no aumentativão. Acreditamos na força das massas, na energia dos caldeirões, nos milagres no último minuto, nas viradas históricas e nos roubos de barão. Acreditamos na oração pré-jogo, no pagamento da promessa, na resenha da vitória e no sanduíche de pernil. Acreditamos nos cânticos da torcida e na cera do goleiro aos 44 do segundo tempo, acreditamos nas tatuagens, nos 3.800 metros de La Paz, acreditamos na substituição do intervalo, acreditamos no 4-1-4-1 ou no 3-5-2, acreditamos no gandula que tira a bola em cima da linha, na extinta Geral e na torcida em estúdio. Acreditamos na dor da derrota, no orgulho da vitória, e até nos fogos em frente ao hotel.

Acreditamos no trator enterrado, nas lágrimas do rebaixamento e nas mesmas lágrimas do título. Acreditamos no “bandeirão” que cobre quase o anel inteiro, no drible pra frente e também no passe pra trás, nas engenharias pra manter jogador no Brasil, nas negociações inusitadas que dão certo e nos medalhões que dão errado. Acreditamos nas mesas redondas do domingo (e agora da segunda), nos conteúdos de bastidor no YouTube, na resenha qualificada, no samba, na banheira com gelo, no santuário e inclusive no cosplay. Acreditamos no fone de ouvido colossal, nos cortes de cabelo inusitados e no gol de cabeça do goleiro, nas neblinas das partidas do Sul ao suor dos jogos do Nordeste. Acreditamos tanto que muitas vezes, acreditamos só por acreditar ou porque não nos resta outra alternativa.

Contudo, mais do que a crença, temos a certeza de que campeonatos se vencem fora das quatro linhas. Longe do estádio e dos palcos, e inclusive muitos anos antes. Por isso, acreditamos que resultados são reflexos naturais da gestão e da credibilidade das instituições perante seus torcedores e parceiros.

Acreditamos em bons produtos, em balanços financeiros robustos, nos orçamentos fieis, nos parceiros corretos, nas relações ganha-ganha, no relacionamento com o torcedor, nas altas médias de público, nos canais de venda rápidos e eficientes, e nos games mobile. Acreditamos na estatística, no GPS nas costas e acreditamos, por incrível que pareça, no VAR. Acreditamos na análise não imediatista, no branding, no planejamento estratégico, na projeção realista de receita e na dívida controlada.

Temos a certeza de que quem cria um ecossistema autossustentável atrai parceiros leais, constrói relacionamentos longos com o consumidor e como resultado alcança a competitividade dentro e fora do jogo. Visualizamos ainda o enorme espaço para inovação e defendemos a ideia de que estamos longe da maturidade.

Por tudo isso, a OutField promete jamais deixar sua raízes e crê que a evolução do esporte passa uma radical mudança no processo de tomada de decisão e no desenvolvimento controlado da indústria, de modo que seguiremos sempre diariamente trabalhando para mudar as regras deste jogo.


São Paulo

Rua Capitão Antonio Rosa, 409
Pinheiros - São Paulo, SP
CEP 01443-010

New York

235 W 23rd St, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10011

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